How To Install Artificial Grass

How To Install Artificial Grass

Maughan Construction?Tell You How To Install Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass is something that takes a lot of precision and skill. But if you fancy trying to take it on yourself then here is our guide how to install artificial grass. It is important to follow each step carefully in order to ensure that your grass is installed not only correctly but effectively too. If you were to hire a professional to do it this would then save both time and money as they know exactly what they’re doing. Plus with years of experience in the trade then this ensures that the job is done to a high degree of quality. Unlike a lot of the self installed artificial grass lawns we have seen.

Firstly if you want to know how to install artificial grass. First of all, you can’t just walk outside and start laying down the artificial grass you need to plan out the area. Make sure that there is nothing that can be damaged in the area when deciding where to place your grass. Make sure that the grass that you want to lay down is to a depth of around 2″ using a spade or other tool measurement. Then secondly you’ll want to create an edging system for the ground to establish the perimeter of the lawn. This is important as this will determine that you keep within the edges when installing the grass and then you can measure the grass according to the area which you want the lawn to be installed.

You can then lay the base layer of the lawn. The best way to do this is to use around 6mm of sand or granite dust. We would recommend using a tool to spread the foundations across the application area which allows you to make surface area smooth. The next stage of the process is to apply some weed membrane to the area of which you install the fake lawn. This will prevent the weed growth whilst allowing water drainage to the area. This is vital to the maintenance of the lawn so that it looks in pristine condition with no weeds growing around it.

Now comes the part that you’ve been waiting for. Make sure that you unroll the artificial turf over the area with huge care to not move the weed membrane. Once you have put it into position. Then be sure to trim the excess artificial grass that you may have in your area which you want the lawn to be laid in. Make sure that when you trim the grass down your blade or tool is sharp enough to cut it down as it will degrade quickly so you want to make sure you have the right tool for the job.

To finish, apply some sand to the lawn. This can be done using a brush or leaf blower. We recommend 6-8 kg of sand per square metre of artificial grass. We recommend brushing the pile before, during and after for the best results. This sand dressing should be done on a dry day and the same day as the installation. This ensures the best quality finish for your brand new garden.

We hope you enjoyed this article from Maughan Construction and remember that the best way to install artificial grass is to have it done by a professional company. We are based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and currently have a network of driveway companies that operate in this area including Cheshire too. So be sure to get in touch for a reliable quote today!

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