How Do You Clean Block Paving?

How Do?You Clean Block Paving Driveways?

We Have The Tips & Tricks To Help You Clean Block Paving

So you take a look outside and you realise just how dirty your brand new block paving driveway has become. Especially over the winter months since the driveway installation. So Maughan Construction are here to inform you today on how do you clean block paving? Making sure that you don’t damage your block paving is very important during this process. We hope you read this article and enjoy it!

Remove The Weeds In The Garden!

Firstly the most important step when cleaning the drive is to remove any weeds that might be growing in between the paving slabs. Weeds are horrible plants as they make to find a way to grow in just about anywhere in your garden and your new driveway is no exception to them. Removing the weeds eliminates the prospect of them installing regrowing back once you have finished cleaning your new driveway. Although many people believe that the weeds grow in between the block paving slabs themselves when in reality they grow through the sand which means that they can dislodge some slabs due to the vulnerability of them.

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Time To Get The Jet Washer Out!

Next, it’s time to get yourself a jet washer. This will quickly remove dirt and moss from your block paving in an instant. This is due to the pressure and power of the water hitting the slabs. There is an alternative option for you. Which involves getting down on your hands and knees. Fetching a scrubbing brush and some mixture of water and liquid soap and then cleaning your paving that way. The trick to getting the most out of your jet washer when you learn how to clean block paving is to hold the washer at 45 degrees. By doing this you?minimise any damage done to the sand in the drive and to maximise the dirt that is removed from the driveway.

Cleaning your block paving has the potential to transform your garden, patio or driveway into a much more organised looking. Although the cleaning methods that have been described in this article may seem like a lot of effort at first the rewards are definitely worth it in the end. These methods are a lot simpler than it is first believed. The techniques don’t require you heading out to a store to get the tools required.

How Can We Help?

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