How Long Will Artificial Grass Last?

How Long Will Artificial Grass Last?

We Answer The Artificial Grass Question You’re Dying To Know!

Artificial Grass is great for your garden. So when installed to the highest standard can transform and good looking garden into an amazing garden! One question we usually hear is: “How long will artificial grass last?”. So we’re here to give you the answer in this article. When we get our network of artificial grass installation companies to clarify this, we usually give them an estimation of 20 years. Fake grass is virtually maintenance free and doesn’t require cutting or watering in order to remain fresh for a long time.

This will depend on how many people are passing over the piece of grass that you want to have installed. The artificial grass won’t flatten or fade no matter how hot it is. This is because it’s UV stabilised which means that it retains its colour and integrity. It drains just like a normal lawn would in your garden so there is no worry of it becoming waterlogged or ruined from the rain or snow.

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